1. Wooo hooo!

    New post, New blog - wooo hooo!

    After a little research on the internet I found out that I could import all my past posts from tumblr to my new WordPress blog.  I found thisvia a search using “moving a blog from tumblr to WordPress” in the search bar.  I was a bit worried at first, but…

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  2. I’m Moving!

    This blog is now moving over to wordpress due to some of the changes of recent on tumblr.

    Please come and join me, I’d hate to see you left out!

    My new blog is:

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  3. The Beach House @ Portobello


    Looking out on to the Firth of Forth x

    In the last month I’ve visited the neat little establishment on Portobello’s Promenade a handful of times.  The Beach House looks out onto the Firth of Forth and whether it’s raining or shining it seems to cheer me up as there is just something magical about being beside the seaside.  One of the reasons to why I’ve visited this place so much is that we are in the midst of gutting out my Aunt’s flat before putting it on the market for her as the last tenant, let’s say wasn’t respectful in any way to be desired.  It’s handy as it’s just round the corner and helps warm my body up from being in the cold flat!  

    The Beach House does a fab panini, tart and soup of the day as well as incredible delicious range of cakes, of which some are gluten and wheat free.  Please note these are NOT Mrs C’s Cakes!

    Here are just some of the treats I’ve had recently!


    Scone and Jam!


    Almond Croissant and Flat White


    Lemon & Pistachio Loaf: Gluten & Wheat Free (Mmmm me want more!)


    Lemon Curd Cake - Wheat and Gluten free too and truly scrumptious!


  4. Dauphinoise Delights

    This is the first time I’ve actually attempted dauphinoise potatoes, Mr C usually does this dish but this week’s meal planning I asked if I could do it.

    I followed a recipe from the bbc good food site.  You can see it here.  The recipe was easy to follow.  

    I’m serving grilled pork loin and boiled carrots with dauphinoise.  Just before I serve the dauphinoise I’m going to grate some chedder and pecorino on top and grill it … it’s going to become a cheesy dauphinoise. This would great with a piece of roast meat … oh yeah!

    Here are some pictures.

    Cheesy time!

    Service please!


  5. It’s been a good couple of months since my last post.  A lot has happened since then.   

    Some of you who follow this and me on facebook or/and on twitter that my Gran passed away in mid December.  It was very sad but I know that she hadn’t been great for a number of years health wise and this was the last straw.  It’s true to say that she was only existing and really living her life for the last fews years.  

    During the same week of that happened my Brother, Andrew breaks his foot in New Zealand whilst working!  Fractures in multiple areas of his foot. He’s now back home with us and on the mend with crutches!  

    Then I had a ground almond famine - I use alot for my baking so was having fits when I couldn’t get any from the normal sources!  this was all down to a peanut issue with a big supplier - “argh!” was a understatement!

    So that week has to be one of the worst in years.

    I’ve had my birthday without any glitches and finally ticked off Timberyard from the list aswell as Dragonfly for cocktails.  The food was lovely in Timberyard.  The interior of the establishment was gorgeous, I felt very relaxed!

    This month, I’m planning to really go for gold with sewing, baking and many little things.

    I’m going to leave you with one of my favourite photos and it’s just says it all.  ”Hope”.


  6. A little mixed up.

    It’s been a roller coster of emotions this week, with seeing my Gran, car failed it’s MOT and needs a bit of tender loving care, the ground almonds scare.  Yeah kinda a downwards spiral.

    My lovely Gran on a better day xx

    Seeing my Gran is highly emotional as she isn’t mobile and can’t quite make a conversation any more.  It breaks my heart into tiny pieces seeing her lying there as I remember how independent she was.  My brother and I are so lucky to have a Gran who was so active with us and always pushing us to go that little further and believing in us.  Now it’s really hard to see her struggling day to day with the basics.

    I think that was the catalyst that made the small things like the car and the ground almonds seem big.  All I need it to breathe deep and just let it all out.  I know my gran isn’t going to get better but it’s hard seeing her like that. 

    Tonight I have a sewing class and have to drive a 4x4 drive down to Haddington and it’s automatic.  So hoping it’s going to be non eventful there and back to class!  Hoping it’s just going to help me chill not literally!  I’m going to begin to make an a-line skirt tonight and I’m rather looking forward to it.

    My ride for tonight, hold on tight!

    Ok now breathe,

    Emma xx


  7. Sew: Week 3 

    Back at the Bead Shop Scotland and this week we were making a sewing case!  

    I’m seeing that the projects are getting a wee bit trickier as we are going through the weeks!  But I’m also seeing that I’m using some things that I learnt in the cushion and purse class with this class.  That’s good - it’ll be harder to forget!


    My purse: Week one


    My Cushion: Week two

    Excuse the photos please - iphone comes in handy for quickness!  

    So we were told to get 3 a4 bits of fabric, another a4 of felt, two small squares of fabric for a pin cushion and some more for a needle booklet.  

    First we made the made cushion out of the two squares of fabric. Machine sewed it 3 and half sides round, leaving the other half to get the cardboard square (I’ll explain this in a moment) and stuffing in (as much as I can!).  Then to hand sew the remaining half (The lovely Sheena did this for me as I was running behind!).  I started doing the fabric book for the needles first and came up with a different way of doing it and came out quite quirky but there are a few things I would change if I were to do pouch this again including taking a bit more time!


    The Needle Booklet and the Pin Cushion!

    Then we made the zipped pocket - that’s were small scissors and the stitch picker etc can go!  That was quite easy.  You could actually made lots as make-up bags - great christmas present idea!  That was one of the a4 sized fabrics that I attached the green zip to each end and then iron the fold into place to place where I wanted the zip.   The pocket then got sewn into place onto the other piece of fabric and felt, whch you have to sew before hand!  I love the green zip against the heart fabric.



    Zip it UP!

    Once the pocket is in place, you can attach the pin cushion and the needle booklet.  The pin cushion was attached at 2 corners onto the main fabric and the booklet was attached by machine sewing as in binding the book to the fabric again.  I then attached a button and ribbon so the needles can keep secure in the book!


    Button up!

    There is a bit of carboard in the pin cushion to stop the pins from stabbing anyones fingers if the pouch were closed!  Neat idea - eh!

    We added the binding to the sides but I have finish it as ran out of time and then just tidy it up!  Will post a photo on Sew: Week 4 to show you the finished result!


    The Binding


    The outside cover

    Next week we are going to be doing a handbag - MEGA EXCITED!  Love a handbag!


  8. Pick up a Pancake!

    Yesterday morning and this morning has been joyful!  Not only was it Mr C’s birthday yesterday but we had pancakes for breakfast too!  I then decided what the heck this morning and did another batch!

    I use the recipe I’ve known since I was little.  My little (in age, not in height by all means) Brother and I used to do this when we came back from school and slap chocolate spread and syrup on them!  

    The original recipe comes from the beautiful Be-Ro booklet - it’s so retro! It’s been used so often, particuarly when it comes to scones and the dropped scones (aka thick pancakes!)

    I add another 2-3 tbsps of milk to the batch and leave out the lemon essence as I feel it doesn’t need it and we’ve never added it to the past batches!

    4 oz of SR flour, 1/2 oz of marg, 2 oz caster sugar, a pinch of salt (it says a quater teaspoon but I find this too much!), an egg (I use LARGE!) and about 9-10 tbsps of milk!

    Add the flour and the marg and mix together (like little breadcrumbs!), then add the sugar and the salt and mix, beat the egg and milk together and add to the dry ingredients and whisk by hand until all combined. Don’t worry about the wee lumbs as I think this is the marg and this will melt once the batter hits the hot pan!

    I do big pancakes, so roughly measure about 2-3 dessert spoons pouring on to the medium to hot pan - I use a non-stick so don’t have to use any butter!  


    Once bubbles start to appear all over then turn the pancake over (I use a silicone spatula to prevent scraping the non-stick pan!).

    Wait 1-2mins and the pancake should be golden!

    Take of the pan and do this procedure about 6-8 times (for big pancakes!).

    Enjoy with chocolate spread, honey and a whole host of delicious combos!

    Be-Ro still do the booklet for a small fee. 

    Disclaimer: All views are my own!


  9. It’s Cushion time!


    Thursday passed and back at the Bead Shop Scotland Studio, Sheena our teacher gave us instructions on how to make a 50x50cm cushion cover. Remembering my first ever cushion I made (and I’ve still got it) from Primary School (now that’s making me feel old!!) which I sewed together by hand.  It’s pretty cool and it’s still in good nick and in use in our home. 


    I spotted a lovely fabric from the pile of material that we could choose from. It’s one from John Lewis but unfortunately I’ve been unable to source the name of it and looks like John Lewis online no longer stock it.  I might pop into the Edinburgh store and ask if they know of it’s name!  Anyway I liked the colours and it’s organic nature theme.

    Firstly came the cutting out of the fabric for the pattern and as there wasn’t loads I had to alter where the zip was going to go - no biggie.  Basically one big square, two rectangles and 2-3 meters of 1 and 1/2 inches for the piping.  Next thing was to sew the two rectangles together and press the seems down.  Then I added the zip, placing it in the middle of the seem (don’t worry this seem gets unpicked!)  and gets sewn into place!  I then added the piping to the big square of fabric, once I had placed the piping into the meters of fabric I had prepared earlier.  

    Great!  Now remember and unzip your zip otherwise you won’t be able to turn the cover inside out!  OK here goes, securing the whole thing together and turning it the out.


    I am looking forward to making making more cushion covers - think it would be briliant for any present and it’s great that’s it handmade too!

  10. wooo hoo here’s to the next 100 posts!

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